Sleep Like a Baby


“Sleep is the best meditation” — Dalai Lama

When and how much to sleep ?

The Ayurveda has divided a day into eight segments (praharas) of approximately three hours each.

How to improve your circadian rhythm?

“Sleeping under the stars feels like being on top of the world, a part of the cosmos, floating in dreams, yet rooted to nature”– Vikram Khaitan

For one time in life, experiment with yourself and sleep under the stars. Begin with your own terrace on a night of clear sky when you can see the stars. If you are atop the tallest building around, you’d enjoy but if you have towering buildings around you and dazzling city lights, you may not enjoy as much. In such a case you could opt for a beach resort or forest resort or a hill resort. Do not try this in an open and wild jungle if you are not used to.


Vikram Khaitan is a three times Amazon bestselling author. Click Here to know more about his work. The above content is re-purposed from his book “The Secrets To A Magical Life”.



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